The employees of Encodo have already completed many projects in various industries with various technologies throughout their careers. Because of this, Encodo has experience in many different aspects of the software world. The following is a sampling of projects that we have worked on at Encodo.

School Management

Applications to manage personnel and curriculum information as well as absences for a school.

  • Integration with LDAP
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Integrated reporting tools
  • Data-import from Eco open
  • Data-export to Active Directory
  • User-synchronization with a mail server
  • Web interface for some areas
  • Tools for preparing student IDs, complete with picture-editing tools
  • Integration of library card in the student ID with the "Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz (IDS)", a network of 450 libraries

School Scheduler

Includes a tool to semi-automatically create semester schedules from personnel and curriculum information for various educational tracks

  • Management of scheduling for resources (rooms, cameras, etc.) and teachers
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange
  • Integrated reporting tools
  • Powerful calendar views
  • Schedule verification & validation
  • Repeating appointments and appointments that overlap semesters built on top of the school management tools

Quality Management Web Portal

Provides a quality management system for schools and contains guidelines and tools with which the quality of a school's processes can be evaluated. This portal manages all of this information.

  • Manage information hierarchically with links to external documents
  • Full-text search
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Integration with LDAP
  • Easily extendible (CMS)
  • Support for EFQM

Perforce SCC Package for Visual Studio 2005/2008

A replacement with extra functions for the unreliable VS integration provided by the manufacturer (Perforce).

  • Custom source-control provider package for Visual Studio offline mode
  • WAN optimization through caching
  • Integration in the solution explorer

Client/Server Applications

A set of tools to request and execute services with a robust and stable architecture.

  • An application-level firewall solution with protocol validation and data-conversion to support legacy systems on the back-end.
  • XML-based communications protocol
  • Remote monitoring of internal statuses and statistics
  • Secure data-transfer over TCP with optional compression
  • Modern client application (rich client)
  • Easy-to-use communications library provides other developers access to the protocol
  • Tools for remote monitoring and administration

Powerflex and Web Services (Proof-of-Concept)

This proof-of-concept answered the question of whether the extensive, existing business logic written in Powerflex could be made available through web services

  • Extended Powerflex to support web services (SOAP)
  • Automatically generated object-oriented code based on the WSDL
  • Parallel handling to optimize performance
  • Partially ported an existing application as a real-world testbed

High-Performance Data Processing

A system for trading stock market transactions, which had to reliably process large amounts of data in real-time.

  • Extremely scalable and flexible design so that new input and output with new formats could be quickly installed.
  • For the Windows and Linux platforms
  • Secure data-transfer over TCP with optional compression

Web-Based Work-Unit Manager

A tool for planning and reporting on the extracurricular responsibilities for teachers in a school.

  • Includes a back-end for administration and a front-end for teachers.
  • Uses the newest technologies to deliver a very user-friendly graphical interface
  • XHTML/CSS-based design
  • Includes many different reports, including export to Microsoft Excel
  • Integration with LDAP-authentication
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange (emails and calender)

Report Generator/Designer

A tool to convert data into almost any format.

  • Includes a generic data interface that allows full integration into existing systems
  • Generates various output-formats using a single template (Text, HTML, PDF)
  • Reports can include simple expressions as well as aggregations and grouping
  • Templates include HTML-like graphical properties (used where applicable in the output formats)
  • Real-time WYSIWYG display using real data in a Win32-based designer
  • Request and synchronize data from a server (for use in the designer)
updated on 1/26/2018