Together with our partners, we form a high-quality, versatile team with experience in many different areas of expertise.

Ergosign GmbH

"UX Design is the center of your product development. We translate the results of the strategy phase into requirements and develop a concept for your product – in close collaboration with you. An interactive and visually detailed prototype, paired with lightweight documentation, guarantees a seamless designer developer workflow."

Performa AG

"Since 1995, we have been implementing practical and functional ERP and CRM projects for the association, education, NPO and service sectors based on the proven software solutions of Abacus and PerformX."

Boreas AG

"What we do goes far beyond the simple delivery of software. We work with you to find solutions and bring our many years of experience to bear. If you are doing well, we have achieved our goal."


Encodo has been a Silver Partner since 2014.

updated on 1/21/2021