Quino Roadmap

This document is about the future of Quino. See the release notes for the past.

The following releases reflect current planning. Changing needs and requirements may affect the order and scheduling of various components. We will update the schedule here if it changes.

8.0 — Fall 2019


  • C# 8.0
  • Refactor complex extension methods to singletons
  • Extend "quino" dotnet with more fixers (e.g. reintroduce project and source-file fixers from the deprecated NAnt version)
  • Improve some core modeling APIs


  • C# 8.0
  • Migrate to .NET Core 3/.NET Standard


  • C# 8.0
  • Migrate to .NET Core/.NET Standard

9.0 — Winter 2019/2020


  • Introduce final replacement for metadata wrappers (i.e. replace extension classes with proper TPH solution)
updated on 6/2/2019