Web Developer

About Encodo

We work on complex and technically challenging software projects, with an emphasis on security, performance and overall quality.

We focus on building data-oriented solutions in diverse areas, such as education, banking/finance and industry. We work with experienced UX specialists to ensure Usability and Design in our products and extend our team with other experts where needed.

Our experience has taught us to stay grounded—we avoid giving or accepting unrealistic goals, deadlines or false hopes. We know what we can do.

We offer a strong infrastructure and modern employment conditions that reflect a culture that focuses on the individual and is strongly influenced by our passion for high-quality software solutions.

Find our more about our vision, work, principles and process on our web site.

We stand for these values. How about you?

If you fulfill at least 2 of the skills and requirements outlined below, easily satisfy other preconditions and are interested in working with a smaller and experienced team, then apply below!

Job Description (Web Developer)

  • Work on diverse and technically challenging projects in our preferred technologies (primarily React-based)
  • Develop products based on Quino
  • Analyze requirements and write specifications
  • Evaluate and test languages, tools, and technologies
  • Project-lead and development-lead positions possible
  • Work in teams ranging in size from 1-10 people
  • Work on projects of duration ranging from just a few days to several man-years of work

Skills & Requirements


  • Open to going down new paths
  • A technical and methodical approach
  • An approach that balances quality with pragmatism
  • Good knowledge of German or Swiss German (spoken and written)
  • Good knowledge of English (spoken and written)
  • Strong communication/documentation skills (code and project/issues/release notes)


  • In-depth and well-honed skills in modern web development (SPAs, REST APIs, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of and familiarity with automated testing
  • Understanding of SOLID design principles (IOC a plus)
  • Familiarity with CI/CD
  • Familiarity with containers
  • Good knowledge of asynchronous programming
  • Mobile experience a plus (Swift, Kotlin/Java)

We've worked with almost everything. Our current web stack looks like this:

  • Node.js w/NPM or Yarn
  • TypeScript everywhere
  • React (functional w/hooks; state management w/native reducer, Redux, or MobX)
  • Webpack
  • Jest
  • E2E Testing (Cypress/TestCafĂ©)

Taken together, this means we're looking for those who really know how complex software systems work.