Encodo New Year's Game 2013 Tips & Tricks


At the end of last year, Encodo shipped a little JRPG-style game to customers and partners. JRPG stands for "Japanese Role-Playing Game" and is usually shown in a top-down or isometric view.

Our version uses Jaws, a low-level, open-source, Javascript game engine but, after some research into alternatives, we ended up writing most of the logic and rendering in our own layer on top of it. We tried to keep the code relatively clean and tested it on most desktop and mobile browsers.

Our game takes place in our office here in Winterthur and features all of the Encodo employees. Quoting from the game:

In order to get a surprise this coming spring, there are a few tasks you'll have to perform. Each employee has a piece of the solution that you can earn either by answering their questions or by bringing them an object that they lost or that they would like.

You finish the game when you've collected all of the puzzle pieces that you get by answering each employee's questions -- or by giving them an object that they want. The puzzle pieces fit together to reveal a message.

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You can play the game by browsing to the Encodo RPG 2013; it's available in English and German. You're only eligible for a gift if we sent you a card with a code on it, but you can still send us a message at the end if you finish the game.

Once you get past the intro screen and some instructions, you're dropped into the game and can start to look around. In the top-left corner is the table on which you'll find all of the different items that you can use in the game -- and that you can use to "convince" employees to give you their puzzle piece if you can't answer their questions.

As you play, the game keeps track of "points" as well as progress. In order to get 100% progress and complete the game, you have to get each employee's puzzle piece. The number of points you have at the end reflects how efficiently you did this.

  • You lose points for each incorrect answer
  • You gain more points for a correct answer than by trading an item for the puzzle piece
  • You can earn extra points by finding secrets, hinted at in the instructions that "[y]ou can also interact with other parts of the office"
  • If you need more help finding secrets, try turning off the lights (as shown in "Encodo at Night"); not only are employees highlighted, but so are a few other places (including the light switch ;-).
  • Sometime just activating the secret isn't enough; sometimes you need a specific object1 in order to find the secret.
  • You can check your progress toward completing the puzzle at any time by pressing F1 or H or by pressing the "help" icon in the top-right corner (as shown in "Help Screen").
  • You can skip the instructions at the beginning by pressing "Esc"

And, in case you don't finish it, we'd like to give credit where credit is due:

| Credits |


Marco von Ballmoos
Remo von Ballmoos
Daniel Roth


Armin Bilibani
Stephan Hauser
Daniel Roth
Pascal Stählin
Marco von Ballmoos


Armin Bilibani
Stephan Hauser



Powered by Jaws and Encodo RPG Engine

  1. Spoiler alert: the items you can use to find secrets are the SSD and the cappuccino. (Select the text to reveal the answer.)