Encodo has a new web-site design for 2013!


imageAfter many years of faithful service, we've retired our first web-site design and have replaced it with the much more modern version you're looking at right now.

This initial update is mostly about design although we made a few minor content changes as well.

  • We moved the credo that was previously featured prominently on our home page and replaced it with news and items of interest, like Quino, our services and our handbooks.
  • We placed the news more prominently to focus on dynamic content
  • We reorganized the menu on the left and made it more touch-friendly
  • We moved our software -- Quino and Munjari -- to a products page.
  • We moved the events to about us.

As before, we focused on creating a site that meets our high standards:

  • We used very little structural tagging so that the site is very screen-reader--friendly. If you view our pages with a text-only browser -- like Lynx or Opera in "User Mode" -- you'll see that the content stands quite well alone even with the CSS
  • We increased the size of links and elements to make the design more touch-friendly
  • We made sure that all pages validate as HTML 4.0 Strict
  • We added a printing stylesheet that optimizes page content for printing -- or for saving as PDF
  • The CSS-based design works in all modern browsers