Encodo goes Social Media


We recently noticed that our Facebook page was a bit chaotic. It consisted mostly of a semi-private group called "Encodo" that we initially created much earlier -- when Facebook didn't offer pages for companies yet. Facebook evolved this page through various incarnations but also offered an ad-hoc, "Encodo Systems AG" page because users had entered that name as their place of employment. Because of this, we had two main problems:

  1. Unlike "pages", old-style Facebook "groups" offer few to no possibilities to customize the appearance of the page. Instead of the Encodo logo and CI, the page consisted mostly of member photos. Not only that, but the page had almost no content because content has to be entered manually on group pages, which we often neglected to do.
  2. Groups are actually for communities and the correct thing to do was to close that group and start using the automatically created "Encodo Systems AG" page instead. But we had no administrator rights for that page.

The second point was easy to remedy: we just went to the "Encodo Systems AG" page, clicked the appropriate link and were granted rights to administer and redesign the page. Oddly enough, Facebook didn't ask us to verify that we were really from Encodo, which means that pretty much anyone could have taken over that page before us -- and locked down administrator access.

The first point proved to be a bit trickier: it doesn't look like it's possible to delete a group. Therefore, there was nothing for it but to mark the group as private and let it atrophy in the dark recesses of Facebook's archives.

While we were at it, we also added official Twitter, Google+, XING and LinkedIn pages for Encodo, just to make sure we could get the official page names before anyone else. Google+ also didn't ask us to verify that we were representatives of the company.

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We also set up both the Twitter and Facebook pages so that content from our blogs will be automatically cross-posted to those services. We're using Twitterfeed to pump content to Twitter, which works just fine. It also supports cross-posting to Facebook, but the entry isn't very nicely formatted (and never includes a thumbnail, even if one is available). Therefore, we decided on the RSS Grafitti Facebook App, which imports an external newsfeed into Facebook quite nicely. And, lastly, we're still looking for a clean and officially supported way of publishing a newsfeed to Google+. That so few tools are available is entirely due to the fact that Google+ still doesn't provide a decent API for introducing content.

You can find our new pages here:

We are delighted to accept any "Likes", "Followers" und "+1"s you can spare. :-)