v8.2.1.4675: Default Culture, Metadata Caption, and Validation improvements

9/18/2020 - Marco von Ballmoos

The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes.

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  • Validation failures now reference the metdata (e.g. property) that caused them (QNO-2844)
  • Improve EnsureLoaded() to support more relations (no complement and multiple complements) (QNO-6409)
  • Improve configuration and handling for the default culture (QNO-6416)
  • Improve API, usage, and configurability of DynamicStrings (QNO-6330, QNO-6389, QNO-6399, QNO-6415, )

Breaking Changes

DynamicString no longer declares a virtual method named GetValueWithoutFallback(). It has been redefined as an extension method and replaced with TryGetValueWithoutFallback(), which accepts an IExpressionContext. This change will only affect products that have inherited from DynamicString.

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