v6.1/6.2: Cross-platform, SourceLink and Docker

12/21/2018 - Marco von Ballmoos (updated on 3/13/2019)

The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes.

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*Few changes so far, other than that Quino-Windows targets .NET Framework 4.7.2 and DevExpress 18.2.5


  • Inline Documentation: Quino packages now consistently include inline/developer documentation, in the form of *.xml files. IDEs use these files to provide real-time documentation in tooltips and code-completion.
  • Nullability Attributes: Attributes like NotNull, CanBeNull, [Pure], etc. are now included in Quino assemblies. Tools like R# use these attributes during code-analysis to find possible bugs and improve warnings and suggestions.
  • Online Documentation: The online documentation is once again up-to-date. See the release/6 documentation or default documentation (master branch).
  • Debugging: We've laid a bunch of groundwork for SourceLink. If the NuGet server supports this protocol, then Visual Studio automatically offers to download source code for debugging. This feature will be fully enabled in subsequent releases, after we've upgraded our package server.
  • Cross-platform: We've made more improvements to how Quino-Standard compiles and runs under Linux or MacOS. All tests now run on Linux or MacOS as well as Windows.
  • Containers: Improved integration and usage of Docker for local development and on build servers
  • Roslyn: Encodo.Compilers now uses Roslyn to provide compiling services. Quino-Standard uses these from tests to verify generated code. As of this release, C#6 and C#7 features are supported. Also, the compiler support is available on all platforms.

Breaking Changes

  • UseRunModeCommand() is no longer available by default. Applications have to opt-in to the rm -debug setting. Please see the Debugging documentation for assistance in converting to the new configuration methods.
  • KeyValueNode.GetValue() no longer returns null; use TryGetValue() instead.
  • KeyValueNode.GetValue() no longer accepts a parameter of type logger. All logging is now done to the central logger. If you still need to collect messages from that operation, then see ConfigurableLoggerExtensions.UseLogger() or ConfigurableLoggerExtensions.UseInMemoryLogger().
  • IDatabaseProperties.Collation is now of type string rather than Collation. This change was made to allow an application to specify exactly the desired collation without having Quino reinterpret it or do matching.
  • Similarly, ISqlServerCollationTools.GetEncodingAndCollation() now returns a tuple of (Encoding, string) rather than a tuple of (Encoding, Collation).
  • The constructor of NamedValueNode has changed. Instead, you should use the abstraction INamedValueNodeTools.CreateNode()or INamedValueNodeTools.CreateRootNode().

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