v5.0: Bootstrap IOC, authorization driver, improve dependencies

1/26/2018 - Marco (updated on 9/18/2020)

The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes. The full list of issues is in the release notes below and is available to those with access to the Encodo issue tracker.


Quino 4 was released on 11. August, 2017. Quino 4.1.7 brings that venerable line to a close. Products are encouraged to upgrade to the this version as the next stable build with the improvements outlined below.


Breaking changes

  • ApplicationBasedTestsBase.CreateApplication() has a new parameter (bool isFixtureApplication). Applications that override this method will have to adjust their definition.
  • PathTools methods are deprecated. In some cases, these methods have been marked as obsolete (true), which causes a compile error. The obsolete message indicates which method to use instead.
  • ICommandSetManager.Apply() no longer has a IValueTools parameter
  • RegisterStandardConnectionServices has been renamed to RegisterApplicationConnectionServices
  • IValueTools.EnumParser is no longer settable; register your object/implementation in the Bootstrap instead
  • Methods from DataMetaExpressionFactoryExtensions has been removed. Instead of creating expressions directly with the expression factory, you should use the query or query table.
  • IQueryCondition no longer has a type parameter (it used to be IQueryCondition<TSelf>)

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