v1.8.7: Bug fix release for v1.8.6 (no new features)

6/25/2013 - Marco (updated on 9/18/2020)

The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes. The full list of issues is also available for those with access to the Encodo issue tracker.


  • QNO-4196: Reporting does not preview and print the correct font (for some fonts and only under Windows 8)
  • QNO-3779: Add support for basic connection-pooling; remoting servers share a server-side connection pool; clients use a connection pool per session by default
  • QNO-4204, QNO-4203: Data statistics show wrong timing information and got rid of ShortCircuit event type (replaced with primary data handler)
  • QNO-4179: One to one relations do not show the correct object on the primary key class

Breaking changes

No known breaking changes

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