Networking Event 2016.1

4/25/2016 - Marco (updated on 9/18/2020)

imageOn Wednesday, Encodo had its first networking event of the year. Our very own Sebastian Greulach presented Code Review Best Practices. A bunch of our friends and colleagues from the area showed up for a lively discussion that, together with the presentation, lasted over 90 minutes.

We heard from people working with remote teams -- off- and near-shored -- as well as people working locally in both small and large teams and for small to large companies. We discussed various review styles, from formal to informal to nonexistent as well as the differences in managing and reviewing code for projects versus products. Naturally, we also covered tool support and where automation makes sense and where face-to-face human interaction is still better.

The discussion continued over a nice meal prepared on our outdoor grill. We even had a lot more vegetables this time! Thanks to lovely weather, we were able to spend some time outside and Pascal demonstrated his L337 drone-flying skills -- but even he couldn't save it from a rain gutter when a propeller came off mid-flight.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen and thanks to everyone who showed up!

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