Encodo Newsletter Vol.3 #1

2/27/2007 - News (updated on 11/13/2017)


Welcome to another edition of the Encodo newsletter. This one has a little something for everyone, from news about us and our projects to general articles about hot topics in the IT/software development world. Most of the topics include links to full articles on our blogs, so be sure to check those out as well!

  • Web Project: Entlastungskontrolle
  • Munjari News
  • Working with Wikis
  • Working with VoIP (Voice over IP)

Web Project: Entlastungskontrolle

We recently built an application for a school located in Winterthur ("Zentrum für Ausbildung im Gesundheitswesen im Kanton Zürich" or ZAG). Teachers receive a certain number of hours for tasks they have outside of teaching duties, such as mentoring students or working in internal school improvement projects. We developed a custom application to manage these hours and tasks. All teachers enter the extra tasks they have, and the software uses various criteria to automatically calculate the number of hours of credit they receive. Teachers can display this information by week or month, seeing both how many hours have been allocated for these extracurricular tasks as well as how many hours they must spend in the classroom. The application can present this data in a graphical, navigable web page and various export formats. This information serves as an important basis when creating a new yearly schedule or when distributing new tasks, as the administration can more easily determine how much time each teacher has available.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface and neatly embedded into the ZAG corporate identity, the software has been well-received by its intended users, the teachers.

We're happy that we could help ZAG in building a truly modern infrastructure for their school!

Munjari News

We would really love to be able to tell you that Munjari is ready and that you're all invited to a private beta test. Things don't always work out as planned and we haven't made as much progress on Munjari as we would have liked. Though this is partially due to our size and the amount of other work we had (it was a pretty good year ;-), it is mostly due to some pretty sobering experiences with quality problems in industry-standard tools.

After more than a year's time, we have decided that we can't keep going in the same direction anymore -- it costs too much time and money and frustration. Munjari as it was conceived stays exactly the same -- a dead-simple way for anyone to get their data online -- but, since the first of the year, we have rethought the project from the ground up and made quite a few changes. We looked for and found a new programming language, new libraries (some home-grown) and, most of all, new hope and drive to get Munjari into your hands as quickly as possible.

Read the full article at Munjari News.

Working with Wikis

Many businesses have made the leap to using computers to store their knowledge base: information about how their business works. Until recently, the available solutions were limited to using a hierarchy of documents on a network somewhere or an expensive document management system. Enter the Wiki: an easy-to-use way to link documents together into a browsable web site that grows as employees add information to it.

We've had a Wiki at Encodo for over a year now and wanted to share our experiences and recommendations.

Read the full article at Working with Wikis.

Working with VoIP (Voice over IP)

You've most likely already heard the buzz about Voice Over IP (VoIP). It's been hyped for the last couple of years as THE FUTURE of speech communication, burying traditional telephone networks for good. Read on to learn more about our experiences in the Swiss VoIP market over the last 1 1/2 years.

Read the full article at Erfahrungen mit VoIP (only available in German).

We welcome all feedback and are happy to provide more information!

The Encodo Systems Team

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