Web Developer

In Encodo, our customers find a reliable partner for even the most complex and technically challenging software projects. We consider security, performance and overall quality to be of the utmost importance and we deliver—regardless of the amount of data or the size of the project.

Do you want to join our web development team?

Job Description

  • Be part of the team and/or lead developer for technically challenging projects
  • Be there right from the start: analysis and specification
  • Drive your own project to success
  • Be part of developing our framework for .NET in C# (back-end) and React/MobX (front-end)
  • Evaluate and test the most cutting-edge tools for our projects

Skills & Requirements

  • Be open to going down new paths; technical and methodical
  • Good knowledge of German or Swiss German (spoken and written)
  • In-depth and well-honed skills in modern web technologies

In web development, we've worked with almost everything. Our current web stack looks like this:

  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • TypeScript everywhere
  • React with MobX
  • Webpack
  • Mocha with Chai
  • LESS
  • HTML5

Taken together, this means we're looking for those who really know how complex software systems work.

Our experience has taught to us to stay grounded—we avoid giving or accepting unrealistic goals, deadlines or false hopes. We know what we can do. What we hope for are long-term, healthy working relationships and interesting projects.

We stand for these values. Do you too?