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Networking Event 2017.1 and upcoming WWDT Talk

Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

Encodo held its first networking event of 2017 on June 1st with Marco presenting A Checklist for new Projects (slides in English/presentation in Swiss-German).

Thanks to everyone who attended!

If you missed it and would like to see the talk, Marco will be presenting again at winti web dev/talks on June 19th, 2017. The talk will be in English this time.

The abstract is included below.

 This talk discusses a checklist of concepts for writing software. Which ones apply? If so, how will you address them? A must for new projects, but also very useful for ongoing, legacy or inherited projects. We’ll quickly skim several groups of concepts, and then focus mainly on “core software components”.

If you can’t make it, the updated slides are available online.

Team Event: Segway Tour of Winterthur

Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

On a warm spring day, we took an afternoon off for lunch and a Segway Tour of Winterthur with Segway City Tours. After an introduction on a flat plaza by the Zeughaus, we cruised all over the city for hours, stopping on the Goldenberg and at the Oskar Reinhart Museum.

Click here to see the pictures!

New Year’s 2016: Cutting Boards, Sausages and a Puzzle!

Published by Pascal on in Encodo News (en)

Last year, we sent customers and friends something to drink. This year, we provided some food to go with it: hand-made sausages and an Encodo cutting board!

Not only that, but we also made a 2016 New Year’s Puzzle!

Click to Play!

As almost every year, we had to get organized early in order to accomplish everything by our projected ship-date. As last year, it was only thanks to the efforts of several people at Encodo that we got everything done well and on time.

Visit the whole photo album to see all of the pictures!

Get cutting boards

Before we could engrave cutting boards, we had to get them from somewhere. We came up with measurements and Karin ordered 60 boards from Berchtold Holzbau[1].

She brought them to the office (pictured left), ready for engraving (preview of a draft version on the right).

Make a pattern

 The next question was: what should we put on the cutting board? Well, definitely the logo, but what else? We thought about engraving our signatures on it, but ended... [More]

Encodo 10th Anniversary Team Weekend

Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

Encodo celebrated its 10th anniversary as a company this summer in Bussang in the Lorraine region of France.

We’d originally voted on different ideas and a trip to Amsterdam had squeezed by camping by one vote. Planning our weekend in Amsterdam proved difficult. Something called SAIL Amersterdam—which takes place every five years—was on the same weekend we’d chosen and all the hotels were full.

So, we improvised and Karin found a lovely place in Bussang, just about an hour over the border in France.


Karin, Remo, Marco and Kath arrived at 09:00 and moved in. Remo, Marco and Kath headed back to Thann, back over the Col du Bussang, to pick up food and drink for 18 people for 2½ days.

Bonjour, je m’appele Urs.

 While we were shopping, the rest of the crew showed up and Karin called us back because the natives were getting extremely restless—and hungry. They fell on us as we came through the door and (B)Robin had the grill going, Steffi was making dips, vegetables were... [More]


Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

We are happy to welcome Wadim Smirnow to our team!

We have an apprentice!

Published by bizzi on in Encodo News (en)

After a long search, we’ve finally found a first-year apprentice, Robin Henkel. He has already started working for us, doing some practical training throughout the summer until he officially starts his apprenticeship in the fall.

Encodo’s new year’s gift for customers and friends: Williams!

Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

 Every year, Encodo tries to do something a little different for an end-of-year gift for colleagues, customers and close friends. Last year, we made Encodo-themed light bulbs with something called the Egg-Bot.

What could we do to top that?

And then, sometime last year, Daniel made a good suggestion: we should totally make our own schnapps!

  • Did we just buy schnapps in the store and put it in a bag with a card? We did not.
  • Did we design a label and slap it onto a bottled filled with someone else’s schnapps? How could you even think that we would?
  • Did we buy a card or come up with our own? You bet we made our own card.
  • Did we buy a farm and grow our own pears? No, you’ve got us there, we didn’t do that.
  • Did we learn glass-blowing in Hergiswil so that we could hand-craft the bottles? No, again, our talents and time-investment lie elsewhere.

But it did take us over a year to get there…read on.

Step 1: Fermentation

  So, starting last year, we laid our plans to make our own Williams,... [More]

More reinforcements!

Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

We are happy to welcome Fabrizio Niedda to our team! We are still searching for even more Encodo team members; see our jobs page for more information (available only in German).


Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

We are happy to welcome Tymon Terlikiewicz to our team! We are still searching for even more Encodo team members; see our jobs page for more information (available only in German).

Encodo snow weekend in Savognin (GR)

Published by Marco on in Encodo News (en)

Encodo took a three-day weekend in the Bündner alps at Savognin for some sun, sledding, skiing and snowboarding. Also a bit of billiards, jass, lots of good food and a few beverages.

Check out the album to see pictures.