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Published by Marco on in Munjari

We would really love to be able to tell you that Munjari is ready and that you’re all invited to a private beta test. Things don’t always work out as planned and we haven’t made as much progress on Munjari as we would have liked. Though this is partially due to our size and the amount of other work we had (it was a pretty good year ;-), it is mostly due to some pretty sobering experiences with quality problems in industry-standard tools.


After more than a year’s time, we have decided that we can’t keep going in the same direction anymore – it costs too much time and money and frustration. Munjari as it was conceived stays exactly the same – a dead-simple way for anyone to get their data online – but, since the first of the year, we rethought the project from the ground up and made quite a few changes.

With more experience, we now know that basic components that we expected would already exist, simply aren’t available or suffer from such massive quality problems that they... [More]