Philosophy and Goals

Encodo puts long-term and holistic thinking before short-term goals. Ethical and moral considerations guide all of our business operations — assuring us a faithful, satisfied client base and healthy growth. We use both established and newer technologies to give our clients every possible entrepreneurial advantage.

Our employees and their skills are an important part of Encodo's success. We offer our employees a secure and rewarding work environment where each individual has responsibility, initiative and creativity. We also help our carefully chosen employees improve both their technical and social skills.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality work that our clients will appreciate. Taken together with our extremely high-level technical know-how, Encodo provides the ideal conditions for undertaking technically challenging and innovative projects.

Fields of Expertise

Encodo is primarily active in the following fields:

Development of technically demanding software for clients including analysis, project-management and implementation. Independent technical consulting, expertise and feasability studies for small or large projects. See our services for more details. Development and operation of an internet platform for designing and hosting individual databases. The platform allows practically anyone to make web sites that leverage the power of databases without requiring any previous knowledge of database programming. See Munjari for more information.


Encodo was founded in 2005. The founders all have many years of experience in all areas of the IT business. They have been friends and colleagues for quite some time and have successfully completed many projects together over the years.

updated on 1/24/2018