In Encodo, you'll find a reliable partner for even the most complex and technically challenging software projects. We consider security, performance and overall quality to be of the utmost importance and we deliver regardless of the amount of data or the size of the project.

Seamless Integration

Our aim is to get the most out of your existing infrastructure, use new technology when appropriate and to optimize communication between all components. The reliability and security of the whole is a central goal.

We're particularly experienced in the following areas:

  • Communications software
  • Server software
  • Performance optimization
  • Complex database communication
  • Prototyping

Sophisticated, Reliable, Tested, Documented

At Encodo, we put all of our experience and our knowledge at your disposal. We accompany you in all phases of your software projects and provide a solid, technical base to complement your in-house knowledge. Many years of experience in both large and small projects help us understand your requirements and anticipate key points and pitfalls. Using concepts, specifications and analyses, we write clean, maintainable software that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Efficient, Elegant, Creative, Intuitive

Our experience has taught to us to stay grounded, we avoid giving or accepting unrealistic goals, deadlines or false hopes. We know what we can do. What we hope for are long-term, healthy working relationships and interesting projects.

We stand for these values.

updated on 1/24/2018